Orangeberry Book Tours – Check it out!

Besides the blog tour I’ve set up, for the next three months, my Dream of Things publisher, Mike O’Mary contracted with Orangeberry Book Tours to create an additional virtual tour for me.

I’ve already had four Orangeberry-arranged stops with four more to go this week. See below.

Although the jury is still out about whether this tour will boost sales of Leaving the Hall Light On, I already love the service. Pandora Poikilos, who began Orangeberry Book Tours a year ago, is very helpful and responsive. Even before the tour began Dora liked my author page on Facebook and has tweeted about my book many times. What a great business head she has. I think her service would work very well for my many author friends. I suggest you check Orangeberry out if you’re looking to promote your book or sign on to be a blog host.

Here’s the places I’ve been and where I’m going this week. Please check them out.

Check out where this author will be talking about her latest release!

5th October Book Feature at Peace from Pieces

6th October Author Interview & Book Review at Mommy Adventures

7th October Challenges I Faced & Giveaway at Books are Magic

8th October Challenges I Faced at Gimme the Scoop

9th October Author Interview, Challenges I Faced & Book Feature at The Cover

10th October Book Feature at Promiscuous Diva

11th October Twitter View with Pandora Poikilos

12th October Twitter Blast with Pandora Poikilos
Here’s how to set a tour up for yourself:

I am an author
I would love to find out more & purchase a virtual tour for my book –
Sure, you’ll need to sign up HERE

I am a book blogger or an author
and I want to feature authors on my site – scroll down on this page, CLICK ON the book covers. pick a date & submit your info

Whoa! This is awesome but I have a few questions. – Sure, have a peep at our Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve looked left-right-centre and you haven’t answered my
question? No worries, email me at


  1. Now the real question … do you think you are making any sales from it?

  2. Thanks for asking, Jessica. I’ll let you know when I get the stats for the month. So far sales have been great because of all the things my publisher is doing to promote.

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