About NaSmaStoMo – National Small Stone Month

A Stone Called Son

I’ve been living with a stone for a long time. See how it rests on a little silk pillow called heal. The stone and the pillow are both comforting and calming.

So when I heard about NaSmaStoMo I was immediately interested. Just the word stone drew me in. And of course since this is a writing challenge I was drawn in even more.

Fiona, who created NaSmaStoMo, has asked us to “to write a small stone – a polished moment of paying proper attention – every day during the month of January.” Fiona explains: “I’m a believer in making use of the writing process to help us connect with ourselves and with the world.” And with that I was hooked.

I’ve dabbled in Haiku and writing Twitter length poems. I think this will be a continuation of those practices. I’ve also taken several poem-a-day for a month challenges. So, for me NaSmaStoMo is perfect — a perfect way for me to start my 2011 writing year.

For more information about NaSmaStoMo and how to join us go to: http://networkedblogs.com/bUa3C

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