Book review of The Prophet of Sorrow by Mark Van Aken Williams

From time to time I plan to post a review of a book I espectially like. I think the writer’s life must include reading good books. How else would we know how to write if we don’t read?

Here’s review No. 1.

A tour de force, the historical novel, The Prophet of Sorrow by Mark Van Aken Williams, is a narrative account of the assassination of Leon Trotsky through the voice of his assassin, Ramon Mercader. Most impressive is Mr. Williams’ re-imaginings, in the form of journal entries, of the thoughts, ideas, and motives of each of the characters involved e.g., Trotsky, Stalin, Eitingon, Natalia Sedova (Trotsky’s wife), and Caridad Mercador (the assassin’s mother) interspersed throughout the narrative. Mr. Williams’ writing is smart, historically accurate, and packed with literary and artistic illusions. A must-read for historical fiction buffs.

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