Silly things

Some things about our 2008 presidential campaign that we could have done without (sorry, I couldn’t resist getting political today):

A 72-year old running for president

A 72-year old picking an inexperienced but beautiful unknown as a running mate. With what was he thinking?

Obama not picking Hillary Clinton as his running mate

Tina Fey and Saturday Night Live lampooning Sarah Palin

A vice presidential candidate with 5 children, one a pregnant, unmarried teenager, and one with Down’s syndrome. Shouldn’t she be home with them more?

$150, 000 reportedly spent on Palin’s clothes, accessories, and styling

$350,000 reportedly spent on one outfit Cindy McCain wore during the Republican National Convention

Equating Obama with terrorists

McCain calling the economy fundamentally sound

Palin’s pointy index fingers how annoying!

Biden running off at the mouth

Obama’s church and minister

Fear tactics

Spending money on negative ads

Women journalists discrediting both Hillary and Sarah just because they are women?

And, I’m sure this list isn’t complete. More to come — maybe!

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