I’m out of there!

It’s hard to imagine that I actually chose to work on a proposal rather than continue to work on my temporary Customer Relations job. Although the actual work was interesting I got to interact with a lot of customer reps and my company’s top brass, and I had an excellent working relationship with a few of the people in the department, I just couldn’t stand the boss. She is the personification of a micromanager. Even her boss characterizes her as a person who only hires people she can control because she is so insecure. Well, I decided I wouldn’t let her control me, and I did that by gracefully taking my leave of her department. I sent her off a very inoffensive email today telling her that Friday is my last day. And, my excuse was I am needed on a must-win proposal. And that’s the truth! I didn’t burn any bridges, and I even got in a few kudos for a couple of the people who work for her whom she doesn’t value in the least.

What I’ll never understand is that she hasn’t realized she can get a lot more out her employees with honey than with vinegar. Also, she is of the age like me where she can afford to sit back and relax and make way for others to move up the ladder. She actually rose to a high level in the company starting as a secretary, and now she cannot stand for anyone else do the same thing.

Anyhow, kudos to me. I’m out of there!

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