To dos for the week

So, now that Hanukah and Christmas are over on to what I need to do to make the best use of my week away from work. First submit to poetry journals and contests. Second, work at finding an agent for my memoir write letters to anyone I can think of who may have an in with an agent. Third, meet with my writing coach and work on any necessary changes to my manuscript. Fouth, decide if I need to have someone else read through the manuscript. Fifth, get the manuscript ready for the Kore Press open submission.

Besides all that I have a list of more movies to see. Today’s movie, Charlie Wilson’s War, was great. Aaron Sorkin is a real master.

The other movies on my list are Atonement, Savages, Sweeny Todd, and the Great Debaters. I don’t know if I enough nights left in the week to see them all.

Needless to say, I don’t know the meaning of the word, RELAX!!!!

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