The Bucket List

I’ve been thinking about making a list of things I want to do before I die. Like the premise of the new Jack Nicholson film, the Bucket List, I could write down everything I want to do before I kick the bucket. But that would be hard. I have the book that lists 1000 places to see before you die to give me traveling suggestions, and I know some things I don’t want to do like bungee jumping and taking a hot-air balloon ride or going back to Mexico or any island I’ve already done enough islands in my life. My darling niece, Dara, has put together a list of new things she wants to do during the month of November and she seems to working that off successfully, but putting together a list for the rest of one’s whole life seems way to daunting.
So, I’ll start with a couple:

Climb down into the Grand Canyon
Go to the parts of the United States I haven’t been to yet — Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, the Carolina’s
Get my memoir published
Get a poetry book published

It looks like a theme is emerging. I need to start traveling some more and concentrate more on my writing. Stuff I neglect when I work full time. Thus, I’m back to my original quandary to quit or not to quit. And, it looks like I’m leaning heavily toward quitting. There is just not enough time to do my things and work. Period.


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