Thank you, Keith Alan Hamilton, for your beautiful photo and words

My dear friend and poetry and photography buddy Keith Alan Hamilton has created a blog to, as he says, independently publish online the art of its author ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ and other Artists. The blog’s primary goal is to make available a freely accessible and affordable medium which will provide the creative spirit greater recognition, distribution & readership over the internet.”

Keith has also created The Hamilton Gallery where he showcases the work of other artists as well (including me).

He has just surprised me with the most touching poem to accompany the photo he took when he visited my husband and me in Manhattan Beach .

Thank you my dear friend Keith for your wonderful and kind words and spectacular photograph. I couldn’t help sharing work with my readers.

The Manhattan Beach Pier


when you have the realization

you are experiencing

the essence of greatness

no matter how

momentary the happening

a sense of the spiritual

emerges¦¦all in the cosmos

appears whole   ~

in order

all seems right

and at peace


¦ flash of magnificence

from the tiniest

of creation

a human

can fracture the darkness

part the gloomy sky

with the light of being

being more than yourself

not scared to let all else

know your struggle

through word

image and deed

so all else will have

that opportunity¦¦.

to find meaning and value

be able to grow and heal



of your example


my ode to you

and the moment we shared

that day

on all of the 928 feet

of the Manhattan Beach Pier


Image & Words by  ~Keith Alan Hamilton~

Dedicated to my fellow artist and dear friend  ~ Madeline Sharples


Other works by Keith can be found at: Nature IQ  blog for the book series Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die!

Keith is also the founder of the Facebook Poets, Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists ~ networking group (where I first met Keith).

By the way, if you’d like to support Keith’s publishing efforts click Support My Vision $$$$$ in his blog‘s menu bar.


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