Nature ~ IQ: “Let’s Survive Not Die!” by Keith Alan Hamilton

My friend Keith Alan Hamilton has written a profound book of poetry, Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! and I want to brag about Nature IQit a little bit since it just went up for sale on Amazon in early December 2013. Right now the paper back edition is for sale, but by the end of this month he’ll give away free Kindle editions so that people who read his words can freely share it with others.

Keith says,

My goal was to have as many people as possible take advantage of the freely accessible way I’ve communicated my thoughts. I offer those who choose to read my words the opportunity to hear my call to action regarding the survival of humankind. I also waited until the last part of 2012 to promote the distribution of Nature ~ IQ: Let’s Survive, Not Die! in PDF format (free download) to demonstrate a positive voice that focuses on the most vital needs and issues of the people.

Here’s the blurb I wrote when it first came out at The Hamilton Gallery, where he shares his and others’ work (including mine):

I love the forcefulness of the words. All simply stated but with optimism, hope for the future and the proactive nature of we the people.

These pieces remind me of Whitman and Sandburg and Emerson whom I loved to read as a teenager. 

Perhaps your words will entice our young people of today to go out and change the world and not complain about what has passed, not complain about what our government is not doing for us. Perhaps your words will entice we the people to take the lead and be responsible for our own world and our future in it.

Thank you Keith for your writing and wisdom. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photographs of your twin grandbabies. This is a wonderful and inspiring piece of work.

And I’m happy to say mine is the book’s first review up on Amazon all five stars of it:

Keith Alan Hamilton’s Nature IQ poems are a call to action. Published in the midst of the chaos of the 2012 election, his words are strong, empathetic, sensitive, and welcoming. He doesn’t mince them. He doesn’t fear showing his feelings from the very first poem in the book called beyond 2012 gonna be more proactive:

here’s what/ I’ll be doing/ not waiting around/ or being held back/ by some wacko prophesy/ Nostradamus/ Mayan calendar/ global warming/ earth chant b******t /nope¦

he asks and includes We the people to join him ¦.to better assure/the survival of our kind/our children and our children into the future¦.

Hamilton shows us his heart and soul in this work. He also includes photos of his beautiful grandbabies as symbols for what he wants and needs to protect.

He is also generous. Hamilton asks those who read his work, produced in the book-like flip-book technology, to distribute it freely online. He wants his words read by as many people as possible. He writes in his poem called a clear cut message, communicate it to all¦

Hamilton writes in the Preface to Nature IQ, As a concerned citizen, being a part of We the people, I express in the best manner humanly possible a nonpartisan voice echoing common sense and reason in the midst of all the 2012 commotion. It is a voice, if combined with the many, may over time possess a greater value for all humanity.

I urge you to read Keith Alan Hamilton’s poems and share them freely.

About Keith Alan Hamilton:

Keith2Keith Alan Hamilton is a poet/writer, Smartphone photographer and is the online publisher/editor of three blogs which includes the Keith Alan blog, the blog and The Hamilton Gallery ~ Blog. Keith has been developing his spiritual philosophy, style of writing (poetry, prose, sayings, etc.) and photography for many years. The artistry of his words and photos are rooted within the nurturing arms of his Polish/German mother. Keith says his mother’s willpower and loving temperament is the spirit flowing in his words and photos. They are also deeply influenced with the character of his Scot grandfather, who was a master storyteller and could hold his audience spellbound for hours on end. Keith’s words and photos not only reveal the cultural flavor representative of his heritage but also the area in the USA where he was born. He grew up in a small place called Freeland, Michigan. If Keith was asked to describe his style, he would say it embodies the everyday spirit of a Norman Rockwell illustration, a sort of raw Mark Twain individuality and the perfectionist mannerism captured in an Ansel Adams photo. Keith hopes his everyday style, that unique flavor tasted within the emergence of his words and photos, will appeal to a broad spectrum of people around the world.


  1. Welcome “back”, Madeline and thank you for this enticing review of Keith Hamilton’s work. Poetry is such powerful way to get our ideas and passions across. Based on your review, I look forward to reading Keith’s work. Thank you for sharing this.

    • I’m so glad you want to read Keith’s poetry. I’ve admired it for a long time. His words are so real and powerful – they make perfect sense to me.
      Yes, I’m glad to be up and running again. It was very frustrating to be off line even for a short time.
      All best xo

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