Some thoughts about going back to a day job

My first inclination was to say no at an offer to work on a proposal for three weeks. Not because I don’t like the work. I like proposal work a lot and feel I can really do a service in helping a group of engineers write one that will win them a government contract.

My main reason for wanting to say no is the more than hour drive on the freeway each way (Manhattan Beach to/from Anaheim CA). During the drive to work I have to face the light force of the rising sun, whereas my drive home is usually at dusk that turns quickly into a night sky. Traffic stops and goes along the way are also is in the mix. Driving under those conditions make me nervous and long for the ten-minute commute back and forth to the day job I retired from in 2010.

However, I do like the work and I loved being asked to do it. I’ve had so much experience helping engineers write proposals that I didn’t question my ability to help them out again – even after being away from the work for so long.  Once I walked in the door it felt like I had never left.

Of course the pay is also a benefit. I’ve found out that book sales will never make me rich. And even though proposal writing won’t make me rich either, it will help me pay for replacing Paul’s tree, installing a new irrigation system that will conserve water, and planting more much needed drought-tolerant plants all in our currently dingy and sparse front yard. Besides, my husband Bob has mostly been the sole wage earner. He’s worked an almost-constant stream of consulting jobs over the last few years. This job gives me the opportunity to share some of the burden.

cubiclesPlus, everyone I’ve met in my work environment is very nice. A couple of women who work near my little cubicle came by to welcome another woman on the engineering floor. The engineers I’m working with seem to want my help and listen to my suggestions. And even though I have to abide by very strict security rules I can’t take my cell phone inside my work area, I don’t have any Internet service on my computer, I don’t have any privacy inside my cubicle, I certainly can stand these conditions for three weeks. If I’m able to help these guys win the contract it will all be worth it.






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