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WOW Women on Writing has done it again. They have introduced David Kalish and his first novel, The Opposite of Everything, to me and my reading audience. And I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Kalish Cover.00

The Opposite of Everything is David Kalish’ debut novel that explores the comic side of tragedy.  Inspired by his own brush with cancer and divorce, author Kalish makes comedy out of his past.

Equal parts love story and Job-like allegory, The Opposite of Everything traces the hilarious descent of a man stricken with disease, divorce, and an over-supportive father and the contrarian strategy he uses to resurrect himself.

When Brooklyn journalist Daniel Plotnick learns he has cancer, his fortunes fall faster than you can say Ten Plagues of Egypt. His wife can’t cope, his marriage ends in a showdown with police, and his father accidentally pushes him off the George Washington Bridge. Plotnick miraculously survives his terrifying plunge –and comes up with a crazy plan to turn his life around: by doing the opposite of everything he did before.

I’m so pleased to share David’s writing with you as he ruminates on nature and mindfulness. Please leave him a comment to be in the running for a copy of his just released novel, The Opposite of Everything. I’ll announce the winner on May 5, 2014.

No-Tell Motel for My Muse
By David Kalish

Early mornings, without fail, I slip out from under the bed sheets in darkness, softly so as not to wake my wife, and wake the dogs instead. But the other day, as I fumbled for my clothes, a voice startled me.

Have fun with your lover, it said.

The voice was my wife’s. Without another word she rolled purposefully over in bed, as if that settled it. I knew, of course, she couldn’t mean what she said. But as I stood frozen to the floor, a startling truth rose in me. I felt the stirrings of guilt as a husband with a mistress might feel.

A creative writing teacher once told my class that writing ideally should be better than, ahem, sex. That the experience of playing with words and bringing ideas to life on the page is sensual, like foreplay. Discovering a world veiled, at first, by gloom then clarified, revealing nuances is a climactic moment writers live for.

If this is true and I’m not sure it is — the forest would be the no-tell motel for my muse. Early mornings, no matter what the weather or time of year, I pull into the trailhead at Kinns Road Park, about a mile away from my home in upstate New York, with my dogs and a notebook and pen.

Now the autumn chill slaps me as I step out of the car into the pre-dawn dark and unleash my silky terrier and toy poodle. As my flashlight lances the gloom, I follow my dogs’ bouncing tails, thumbs of trees twirling past my periphery. Leaves crunch noisily underfoot. Then: an unfolding of light. Splotches appear across tree trunks, like paint balls, and I pull out a notepad, even as I walk. I think of my next blog topic. I work out a challenge in my novel. Scenes unfurl in my mind in sync with the brown canvas lit up before me. The scramble of squirrels makes me jot: Scritch! Scratch! Themes sprout.

My pulse quickens. The forest counsels patience, trees not budging, ruminating in mulch. The counsel calms me as I think of events that have swamped my life, upsetting my order.

Sometimes, as on a recent gray morning, impulsiveness trumps patience. The sky opens up and vents, banging cold drops against me and my notebook, smudging ink. I cannot write a word. The dogs turn longingly toward the parking lot. I linger, hoping the sky will clear, but after a few minutes realize it won’t and return home sodden.

My wife hands me a fresh coffee when I return, dripping across the carpet. I gaze reassuringly into her eyes. No need to feel jealous of my time away. Accept you’re co-habiting with an artist. She looks at my soggy notepad, and her arched eyebrows appear unconvinced.

Why don’t you come with me sometime? I ask.

“Too gloomy, too cold, too early,” she says. But one morning she does. It’s darker now, deeper into the season, icy breath of change in the air. Her gloved hand grabs mine as we set out on the path, but I feel awkward, like I’m cheating on the trees.

Where is she? she asks, but I sense her encircling arms. There’s an unfolding as sun cracks through the trees. One moment we are sparring in the shadows, the next, encased by light, we dance to birdsong, maneuvering for space on the path.

I grasp my wife’s hand for ballast.

David’s Bio:

Kalish Head ShotDavid Kalish left a career as a big city journalist and became a fiction writer, earning his MFA from Bennington College. His first novel, The Opposite of Everythingwas accepted for publication by WiDo Publishing, and he’s working on a second novel entitled Stoner Hero, which he often writes in his head while walking his two dogs in a forest near his upstate New York home.

In addition to the longer form, his short fiction has been published in Temenos, Knock, Spectrum, and Poydras Review, his non-fiction in The Writer’s Chronicle, and a short film of his, “Regular Guy,” was selected into film festivals here and abroad. As a reporter at The Associated Press, his articles appeared in major newspapers such as Los Angeles Times and The Chicago Tribune. He is currently working on a comedic theatre script for a Latin version of A Christmas Carol. He lives in Clifton Park, New York, with his wife, daughter, and two canaries, as well as those two dogs.

Book Data and Links:

Paperback:  191 Pages
Publisher:  WiDo Publishing (February 17, 2014)
Twitter hashtag: #OEKalish
The Opposite of Everything on Amazon
David’s website:

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