Happy retirement, Barbara Walters

I couldn’t let this day go by without a mention of Barbara Walters’ retirement after fifty years in the news, views, and television specials business. I don’t normally watch daytime television but I had to today, just to see her final appearance on The View, a show she created seventeen years ago.

Barbara Walters was a huge role model for women in journalism, and on this day’s episode of The View, Oprah Winfrey brought nearly every newswomen on the planet, said TNZ, to thank her for it.  She looked around at the dozens of young women standing around her and said, This is my legacy. And what a great legacy that is.



Unfortunately my desire to work as a journalist and my training in journalism came a decade too soon. Even so, I thank her for what she has accomplished. The news business has not been the same since Barbara Walters became the first woman co-news anchor of the nightly news in 1976. Though her co-anchor at that time (Harry Reasoner) did not respect her or want a co-anchor, her role inspired other women to take on the formerly men-only jobs in the news business. She shattered that glass ceiling for all time.

BARBARA WALTERSBarbara Walters in her inimitable way said at the end of the show this morning:

Thank you, thank you … But who knows what the future brings? Instead of ˜Goodbye,’ say, ˜I’ll be in touch….See you later. I hope there will be more Barbara Walters on television in the very near future.

You can be sure I’ll be in front of my television tonight watching a two-hour tribute to her career: Barbara Walters: Her Story, on ABC. Please join me.

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