Can’t help showing this off

My memoir Leaving the Hall Light On recently received its 109th 5-star review. The reviewer said it’s one of the greatest books he’s ever read. How could I not brag about it and show it off?

Here’s the review You can take your love with you, by israel eichenstein:

“Madeline Sharples is one courageous parent. This is one of the greatest books I have ever read. Paul her son was bi-polar and tragically took his own life. Madeline and her family have through their pain taught the world the dangers of bi-polar and its devastating effects. But as I read the book through tears and waves of emotion, the overwhelming love for Paul shines brightly on almost every page. A life lost , especially your own child can make you a bitter and broken person. Madeline would not allow herself and her family to wilt under such incredible pain and sadness…she put herself out there in front of the whole world, told her story with love for her Paul and offering guidance to others that are affected by the bi-polar condition. Paul was very gifted and loved deeply by her family and that love will always continue. Madeline teaches us you can assist others by being honest and forthright….and it comes from a very deep place in her heart where she reminds us by telling Paul’s story, that no matter what happens you can take your love with you, nobody can take that from you. Love is about light….Leaving The Hall Light On is a must read.”

New eBook Cover

New eBook Cover



  1. Hi M,

    I can’t wait to finish reading your book before leaving my review. I am 68% gone and l wish l could just finish quickly for my 5* to be the 110th? l could be your daughter and l will send you an email and a copy of my book. I will find a way. I am just 35 but life has taught me several lessons including losing the only daughter l could ever have? My only brother may still be alive but hell no, somebody still has to tell me what’s wrong with my brother. I could relate with Ben here. He was a genuis but 15years ago, something happened. In Africa, belief in witchcraft, religion and sure stigma still does alot. It was thanks to my researc that l stumbled on your book. If only sending you my book could tell you how grateful l am for your stories? l leave it here for now, l write on the train and wouldn’t want my comment to be another blog post right? My regards to your B and B. Thanks once more

    • Madeline Sharples says:

      Dear Marie,

      I would love to read your book. Please send it to
      Thank you for reading my book and giving it its 110th 5-star review. You are amazing. I wish you all good things. xoxo Madeline

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