Novel in progress

I’m almost finished with revision three of my first novel. After that’s done, I’m hoping to recruit a few beta readers to read and critique. Needless to say it scares me to death. Putting this project out there is a huge confront.

And of course the first group of beta readers is not the end. I’ll use the comments to create revision four and then send it out again to another group of readers. After that, one more revision and a final edit by a professional. It seems like all this is taking forever, but in the end, I think my book will be better off for it. Plus, it will help me get used to sharing it before it hopefully gets published.

flapperMy novel is historical — early 1900s on into the 1920s — and the age of the flapper. In my research I found a long list of flapper words and I’ve inserted some in appropriate chapters. I’ve found these words fascinating, and thought I’d share a few with you here. I’d love your thoughts – has anyone ever used these terms?



This is the Berries

those flapper girls
had a language all their own.
The berries meant great,
Hopper meant dancer
and Alarm Clock meant chaperone.
Besides dudding up
in their Cat’s Pajamas skirts
that shimmered when they walked
and their rolled down silk hose,
they lapped bootleg hooch,
and smoked cigarettes.
Also called biscuits
those flaps girls
really knew how to blow party
until their dead dogs
could hardly drag them home.


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