How to survive a relationship with a writer

The singer and writer Janis Ian, famous when I was a teenager for her song, “At Seventeen,” posted these top ten tips, and my friend Marla Miller shared them with her Facebook friends. I had to share as well.

Actually,  my husband seems to be surviving very well. He’s gotten used to me going into my office and spending most of the day there. However, once in a while he’ll stand quietly at my door – I usually leave it open, rap lightly with his knuckles and say, “Knock,knock.” Sure it’s disturbing – I’m probably in mid sentence, it gets me out of my zone, but it usually happens just at the time I need to take a break. Plus it’s nice to see him once in a while during the day.

Here’s the Top Ten Tips

Top Ten



  1. Thank you so much for this post Madeline. IT made me laugh out loud and smile so much. Every one is so true. I’ll need to bookmark this and give it to the people in my life. : D.

    • Madeline Sharples says:

      Thanks, Sebastian.

      That was the point. To make people laugh. We all need more laughing in our lives. 🙂

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