My WOW blog tour dance card is filling up

I’m always thrilled to host authors on a Women on Writing WOW blog tour. WOW created such a great tour for my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On, when it first launched, I never hesitate to return the favor. Right now I have six authors scheduled to appear here on Choices in the next few months. I don’t think it hurts to give you a little advance notice, but I won’t spoil the fun now with too many details. I’ll just give you their names, book titles, and dates they will be my guests.

  • Elizabeth Maria Naranjo, The Fourth Wall on August 4
  • Paige Strickland, Akin to the Truth: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity on August 11
  • Lorraine Ash, Self and Soul: On Creating a Meaningful Life on August 20
  • Tara Meissner, Stress Fracture: A Memoir of Psychosis on October 1
  • Kathleen Pooler, Ever Faithful to His Lead: My Journey Away from Emotional Abuse on October 7
  • Jerry Waxler, Memoir Revolution, on November 5

However, by no means is my calendar fully booked. Please let me know if you’d like to be a guest here as well.

New eBook Cover

New eBook Cover


  1. Dear M,

    I would very much love to a part of such a great tour. So if still possible, then kindly allocate my slot.

    Regards, Marie

  2. Madeline,
    I’d love to write a post for your blog tour. You can see my work on my website, http://joanzrough. I will be a guest blogger tomorrow at Kathy Pooler’s, “Memoir Writer’s Journey,” at:

    Thank you,

    Joan Z. Rough

  3. Madeleine … I would love to be on your blog tour if I can do something on the transition from memoir to fiction, or the reasons for choosing to write memoir or fiction. That way I can hopefully offer a little perspective on memoir writing, but also do a small plug for my new novel.

  4. Madeline Sharples says:

    Hi, Marie and Mary,
    The blog tour I write about is run by WOW Women on Writers and arranged by Crystal Otto: There is a charge for these tours, but she arranges you to be a guest at a wonderful list of host bloggers – about 15 in a month’s time. Please contact her if you’re interested in more information about that.

    Otherwise, I would be glad to host both of you on my blog. Your topic ideas, Mary, are perfect. Also, I always plug the books of the authors I host.

  5. Madeline,

    I’m thrilled you will be one of my Wow Book Tour hosts in October! Thank you. I have been participating in the Wow tours for the past few years (at your suggestion).It has been a fantastic experience.


    • Madeline Sharples says:

      You are very welcome. I agree about the WOW tours. It’s paid me back many times over. i’ve created so many wonderful relationships as a result. Best, Madeline

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