A new milestone: 175 reader reviews

In the last 30 days my memoir Leaving the Hall Light On has received three new reviews. As a result it has reached a milestone: 175 reviews total – 113 with five stars.  I’m always thrilled with the five-star reviews, of course; however, the last three have all been terrific.

full-halllight-1Twenty-seven days ago, Michael Knezic’s five-star review said:

I thought that the book was very well written and put you right there with the family. I don’t know how difficult it was for them to write this book but I think it puts the reader right there with the family. It opens your eyes!!

On July 7, Bridgette Carpenter’s four-star review said:

A sad story about parenting a severely mentally disturbed son.
¦The book is very sad¦. It is so terribly sad that the parents could not keep their son in an institution where he would have been required to take his medicines and he would not have been able to injure himself. Their son was an adult so he couldn’t be forced to take his medicines as prescribed. Overall, I’m glad I read the book. Maybe someday there will be a cure for bi-polar disorder. 

And yesterday, Becky Dryburgh’s five-star review said:

So much lived, lost & survived
“Sad story of mental illness, the turmoil, lost life, and family survival. The daily strength to get through life’s world, bipolar disease, what a person suffers.

Yes, it is a sad book; it’s inspiring and about survival as well. And, amen, Bridgette. Hopefully someday there will be a cure for bipolar disorder or at least the stigma of mental illness will be erased so people with the disorder will feel motivated and inspired to go for their much-needed help.


  1. Congratulations : D. I can only hope someday that my book will be able to have as many reviews. : D

    • Madeline Sharples says:

      Thanks. I have to say getting a lot of the reviews is an exercise in perseverance. You have to keep asking. And some, thankfully, come as a complete surprise.

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