The blog-a-day-challenge is over



Today is the last day of my self-inflicted July blog-a-day challenge. You can probably hear me breathing a sigh of relief as I look out my office window. Though I’m glad I achieved my goal – there were many times in the month when I was tempted to call it off – I’m happy to tell you that I’m not ever going to do that to myself again. Here’s why:

  1. Thinking up a blog subject thirty-one days in a row is hard. As a result I know my posts were repetitive and sometimes uninteresting. I should have asked more writing friends to make guest appearances to help mix it up a bit.
  1. It was time-consuming. It took me more time to decide on a post subject than it took to write about the subject.
  1. It put unneeded pressure on me. What did I need that for? Well, I decided on this scheme while I was waiting for comments on my novel from my group of beta readers. I felt I needed another activity to keep me busy. I was definitely wrong about that.
  1. I also pressured myself not to begin my real writing day unless my blog post was live. So writing a post everyday took away from my other writing poetry, short stories, blog posts for other websites. I realized I had more than enough writing activities to work on while awaiting my novel comments.

So as of August First I will go back to my previous blog post schedule of posting two to three times a week. Hopefully that will help keep my material much more fresh. Also August begins a series of guest posts and book reviews that I will host over the next few months.

Elizabeth Maria Naranjo, author of a first novel, The Fourth Wall, will be here on August 4, discussing the benefits of a small press. WOW Women on Writing arranged her stop here. I’ll keep you informed about my other guests as their appearance dates come upon us.


  1. Dear M,

    Congrats in doing it and thanks for sharing the lessons learnt. All the best and thanks once more for hosting me here long before the guest month of August 🙂

    • Madeline Sharples says:

      Thank you for being here again, Marie. I’m just about finished with your amazing book. Look for a review in the next few days. Have a wonderful day.

  2. A blog a day sounds pretty difficult. I thought about doing that but it would be too tiring. Congratulations on persevering and getting it done! : D Now you can focus on your other writing : D.

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