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91QpKHkdmIL._SL1500_Please welcome my WOW! Women on Writing tour guest, Paige Adams Strickland, author of Akin to the Truth. I love her topic for today, The Benefits of Being An Adoptee. Imagine coming away with a group of top-notch friends or being blessed with a soaring imagination as a result. I’ll let Paige fill you in on the rest in her wonderfully insightful and sensitive piece.

The Benefits of Being An Adoptee
by Paige Adams Strickland

My adoption memoir, Akin to the Truth, contains some universal themes, which appeal and are relatable to all teenagers, adopted or not. (Pre)junior high through high school is the period of time when young people observe more and begin to analyze and form attitudes and concepts about their personal lives and the world in general.  Often these notions lack perspective and life experience, however the young person’s belief system still contains value and meaningfulness because their feelings and how they deal with them are parts of becoming mature. For me, being an adoptee added an extra dimension of self-doubt and lack of confidence.

The purpose of this memoir was not intended to be a complaint-fest, however, it does reflect my point of view at the time. My observation is that there are a lot of sad adoptees out there.  Not all, but a lot. I was fearful, lacked trust and was tremendously self-conscious, and those feelings held me back from developing many skills and relationships back in the day. I wasn’t sad, but I did feel unsatisfied and flawed.

Akin To The Truth is intended to show that a person, adopted or not, can overcome many obstacles with persistence and support from key people in life, whether they be family, friends, teachers, coaches, colleagues or even famous people you don’t know but admire. Embrace your heroes, the everyday or the celebrity-type. Let their positive qualities work on you.

Akin to the Truth reflects a time in the past.  Today I have the advantage of looking back and realizing what pluses adoption did provide that I could not have recognized back then:

  • Being adopted has made me very selective about whom I’ve chosen as my best friends.  As a result, mine are top-notch.
  • Being adopted causes me to study faces and mannerisms, noting similarities between biologically-related persons. I’m not staring and being weird. I’m impressed by the miracles of life and how DNA plays out.
  • Being adopted makes me view the concept of Family globally.
  • Being adopted makes me inclined to question everything. I may or may not openly challenge everything I am told, but I assume very little. I look before I leap.
  • As a kid, being adopted helped my imagination soar because I wondered who else had a secret identity, and what was it. I was a creative kid, which made me better at art and writing.
  • Being adopted gave me a special bond with every pet I ever owned plus the pets of many friends and family members. So many pets are adopted from large group settings or by random chance. I feel lots of compassion for homeless animals and much respect for those who rescue them.
  • Being adopted is part of what makes me strive to be the best parent possible to my kids. I never take the time I spend with my girls for granted. I feel bad for the birth/ bio-parents who were forced by society, negative circumstances and controlling institutions to relinquish children. I know the ones who did and do it by choice believe(d) on some level that they were/are doing it to provide a better life for their baby.
  • Being adopted makes me appreciate being alive. I respect all life, (with the exception of some really nasty, creepy insects). I’m glad I was born!  Life is good.

Description of Paige’s Book:

Akin to the Truth is Paige’s memoir about her adoption. In 1961, adoption was still one of those private and taboo topics. Not much identifying information was provided for adoptive families or for birth parents by the agencies. In Ohio, records were sealed forever. Adoptees and birth mothers were supposed to be thankful for the adoptive family and never look back. Adoptive parents thought their deal was signed and sealed.

As a child and teenager, growing up adopted was like a Scarlet Letter “A” if anyone ever found out the truth. At least, that’s the way author, Paige Strickland felt as she muddled through social situations and other interpersonal relations. She always loved her adoptive family, but realized she wanted not just more, but what other “regular born” people had: real roots, accurate health history and authentic family lore. She wanted freedom from shame, more dignity, authenticity and a full identity.

Then, through random chance, a local TV talk show in 1987 revealed that certain records were open if you were born before 1964 in the state of Ohio, and the author’s life would never be the same after that program.

During her quest, (pre computer), for her identity, her adoptive father struggled with his own self image and sense of belonging, so both father and daughter embarked on separate and unique parallel missions to find what was missing in their lives.

This is the story of how being adopted affected Paige growing up in the 1960s, 70s and early 80s. It shows how one adoptee has embraced and learned to view family more globally. She tells the saga of a loving but dysfunctional family of both blood and choice, trying to cope with typical and not so typical life alterations during the decades of social revolution and free love. She learns that the most fascinating family stories are discovered by those passionate enough to question and search.

Paperback: 285 Pages
Publisher: Idealized Apps, LLC (September 8, 2013)
ASIN: B00F28TM86
Twitter Hashtag: #AkinStrickland
Akin to the Truth is available on Amazon as an e-book.

Paige Strickland Head ShotAbout the Author:

Paige Adams Strickland, a teacher and writer from Cincinnati, Ohio, is married with two daughters. Her first book, Akin to the Truth: A Memoir of Adoption and Identity, is about growing up in the 1960s-80s (Baby-Scoop Era) and searching for her first identity. It is also the story of her adoptive family and in particular her father’s struggles to figure out his place in the world while Paige strives to find hers. After hours she enjoys family and friends, pets, reading, Zumba â„¢ Fitness, gardening, and baseball.


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In 1961, adoption was still one of those private and taboo topics. Not much identifying information was provided for adoptive families or for birth parents by the agencies. In Ohio, records were sealed forever. Adoptees and birth mothers were supposed to be thankful for the adoptive family and never look back. Adoptive parents thought their deal was signed and sealed.

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