1. Great Post!

  2. One of the last classes I took in college focused on the urban high school situation and you are absolutely right that it is a disgrace. How can we expect kids to overcome their situations if we put them in terrible schools? The education system is a shame.

  3. Sebastian, I hope more people like you who are aware of our shameful education programs will speak out so that we can do something to solve this problems. Let’s keep this conversation going.

    • Yeah it is sad. I think it happens because of how individualistic our culture is and how it is all about coming out first. People don’t want to make a small sacrifice that will help improve our education systems. Instead, so many people are worried about hoarding their money and not being compassionate and caring to their fellow man.

      Now I am just not negative. I understand that America is one of the best countries in the world to live in and we have a lot of amazing things. We aren’t perfect, but we can improve a lot of things.

      • Madeline Sharples says:

        Sebastian, I also think it’s about the rich versus the poor. The rich can afford to send their children to private schools so why should they care about the other 99% who can’t? Education is just another of the things to fall by the wayside in the struggle between the haves and the have nots.

        • Sebastian Aiden Daniels says:

          That is a very valid point. I saw a study somewhere that said the rich tend to have less empathy than people who are less fortunate.

  4. Madeline Sharples says:

    Thanks so much, Don.


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