It is possible to have bipolar disorder and live a good life

Tom Wootton, a principle investigator of the Bipolar IN Order study discussed below, asked me to share about it and how people with bipolar disorder may participate in a full online course (a savings of $399.95) that will teach them how to thrive. Tom is also the founder of Bipolar Advantage. His website states:

“There are many people talking about learning to thrive in spite of having bipolar disorder. For the most part they are talking about functioning during periods of remission and hoping that the periods of mania and depression won’t destroy their lives when they return. Many others are choosing to pretend that they are in a permanent remission and are unprepared for the real possibility that mania and depression will happen again.

If we are to truly thrive we have to accept that we will have periods of mania and depression and find a way to thrive during them instead of only thriving during remission. Bipolar IN Order is the only program designed specifically for that purpose. This powerful change of perspective is producing better results than any other program as shown in the Tufts University study.”

I am a true proponent of this work to educate those with bipolar disorder and their doctors that it is possible to thrive despite the ups and downs. If such a program existed when my son was struggling with his mania and depression he might be alive and happy today. I believe that this work presents a real opportunity to save lives.


Tufts University Study of Bipolar IN Order

Tufts University has already completed a pilot study of our Bipolar IN Order Live Online Education Program and they are now looking for 750 participants for a full study. The full live online course is anonymous and free (usually $399.95) for those who participate in the study including a year of weekly support meetings and the online forum.

The pilot study has already proven the effectiveness of the program and we are confident that we can help you produce the same results for free during the study. Tufts said we get better results than any other option and you can help us prove it in your own life. Please visit our home page for a description of the program that we will be using in the study.

The study starts in January and we are gathering those who are interested in preparation for the launch. Please sign up right away and the researchers will contact you when it is time to start.

Principle Investigators

  • Nassir Ghaemi MD MPH – Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the Mood Disorders Program at Tufts Medical Center
  • Tom Wootton – Founder of Bipolar Advantage and the Bipolar IN Order Program

Patient Advocates

  • Lucinda Jewell – Immediate Past Chair and current member of the Board of Directors at DBSA
  • Suzanne Vogel-Scibilia, MD – Former President of NAMI
  • Ken Duckworth MD – Medical Director at NAMI


  • Maureen Duffy PhD Former Chair of Counseling Department at Barry University and Co-Editor of The Qualitative Report, a journal dedicated to qualitative research and inquiry.
  • Larry Culpepper MD – Professor at the Boston University School of Medicine and Chairman of the Department of Family Medicine.
  • Ashwin Patkar MD – Professor of Psychiatry at Duke University
  • Claudia Baldassano MD Director of the Bipolar Outpatient Clinic at University of Pennsylvania
  • Jeff Rakofsky MD- Director of bipolar research program at Emory University
  • Terence Ketter MD Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences and Chief of the Bipolar Disorders Clinic at Stanford University School of Medicine
  • Peter Forster MD Clinical Professor at UCSF Medical School
  • Kate Grimsrud MD Neurology Resident Physician at Mayo Clinic
  • Judith Kando – Senior Medical Science Liaison for Northeast region, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

Mental Health Care Administrators

  • Jeffrey Simmons MD – Medical Director for Behavioral Health at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
  • Michael Hogan PhD – Former chair of the President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health and Former Commissioner of the Department of Mental Health of NY.

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