A new poetry project

Poetry has been on my mind this past week. I submitted a new poem to the Writer’s Digest poetry contest, and I sent several poems to my friend Keith Alan Hamilton as my first contribution to our joint endeavor of an anthology of poems and smart phone images. I’m also again participating in Robert Lee Brewer’s November Chapbook Challenge although as of today I’m about six days behind.

Since I won’t share the poem I submitted to the contest, here are a couple from my project with Keith. I’d love to know what you think.

Morning Walk

I walk in the dark of the morning.
watching as gray clouds
move toward the horizon’s edge,
and the sun begins to peek out.
It’s almost a tug of war,
the dark gray versus
the sun’s rays that burst forth
to take over the night sky.
Then, almost in an instant
the sun’s warmth
rests on my shoulders
and I forget the chill
of the dark.










The Lone Poles

The poles
leaned slantwise
against the railing
at day break
looking lonely
and abandoned
at the end of the pier.

Nothing was ready.
No bait on a hook
no bucket with water
to hold the catch
no child to peer
over the edge
looking for likely suspects.

Then as I was about
to turn back
I saw three fishermen
take the poles,
weave the tiny anchovy on the hook,
unroll the line just a little,
and cast off.

I sighed with relief
to know their families’ dinners
would soon be on the way.


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