Time Capsule – have you ever buried one?

“Time Capsule,” a short film starring and written by my son Ben Sharples, is very loosely based on a true story. Ben and a young friend buried a time capsule as kids. In the film shown below two long-lost friends reunite to dig up a time capsule they buried as kids, only to find that the house where it is located now is occupied by psychotic, dangerous meth heads.

Time Capsule premiered at the Festival Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde in Rouen, France last year, then screened at the HollyShorts Film Festival. It was directed by Ben’s childhood friend Clint Gardner, who also worked with Ben in writing the script.


Ben’s bio:

BenSharplesTheatricalBen Sharples is an American actor known for his role as Jack Hafey, best friend of Brad and Pia Martin (Ryan Kwanten and Amy Smart), in the Takashi Shimizu horror movie 7500 (2014). He played real estate mogul Stephen in the underground romantic comedy hit film X’s & O’s (2007), reported by the New York Times to be downloaded over 150,000 times in one week. He also appeared in the season three opening episode of 90210 (2008) as a professional tennis player who takes out Teddy Montgomery. Ben starred in the dark comedy short film Time Capsule (2013), which premiered at the Regards sur le Cinéma du Monde in Rouen, France, and he played a drug addicted thief in the heist short Blue Plate (2008), an official selection of the Downtown Film Festival Los Angeles.

Ben grew up in Manhattan Beach, CA and attended Crossroads School in Santa Monica, CA, where he was a student of influential film lecturer Jim Hosney. He started taking acting classes while at the University of California, Berkeley then received more formal acting training from the American Conservatory Theater MFA Program.

An accomplished tennis player, Ben was awarded Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player three years in a row by the Crossroads School tennis team. He finished his junior career ranked in the top twenty in Southern California and went on to play for the U.C. Berkeley men’s tennis team for four years. He coached professional tennis player Zack Fleishman at the U.S. Open in 2011.

Please let us know if you’ve ever buried a time capsule and what you put in it.

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