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Yesterday we attended a book launch and reading of my friend Lee Quarnstrom’s new memoir. Lee and I go all the way back to high school – New Trier Township in Winnetka, IL – where we studied journalism and worked together on the New Trier News. He went on to be a newspaper reporter and columnist and did a bunch of other things well worth reading about in his book – such as hang out with Ken Kesey on the Magic Bus for a while. From the title you’ll see that he had an exciting life. He’s now living east of Los Angeles with his seventh wife, Chris, whom he met at our 40th high school reunion. Chris and I have known each other since grade school. Besides the three of us, seven other New Trier alums attended the reading. It was such fun to get together with dear old friends.



Another couple I’ve known for a long time, Alice and Richard Matzkin, will appear from March 3-5 on a free online event called Transforming Aging Summit – about making your later years your best years. Alice and Richard have written the most beautiful and insightful book, The Art of Aging, which showcases her paintings and his sculptures of aging people. Their inspired views on aging will be a real asset to this summit. Just take a look at the cover. Alice’s painting of Beatrice Wood, the famed potter, resides at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery. Bye the way, Alice became my first friend when I moved to Los Angeles in 1961. I’m thrilled that she is still in my life.


And last but not least I must brag about my son, Ben Sharples. He recently appeared in an online clothing catalog as the sole model. Ben works as a tennis instructor, actor, and writer-director-producer of short and full-length films. He plans to begin shooting his full-length screenplay about an aging tennis star this summer.

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