Happy Passover/Easter

PassoverLast night we celebrated the Passover Seder with our large family – in San Diego. Those of us living in the Los Angeles area rode there and back together on a big black bus. The bus ride, the Seder, and warm family interactions with the over forty people in attendance made for a wonderful occasion. To top it off, we all had an opportunity to cuddle with our newest family edition – six month old Dylan – the grandson of our San Diego hosts.

I received a meaningful and lovely holiday greeting card yesterday from my dear friend Cate Russell-Cole. Her words sum up the reason we celebrate Passover and Easter this weekend. Cate said:

Long before Easter came into being, by the instruction of Moses, the people of God Eastercelebrated Pesach, or Passover, the feast of unleavened bread. It, like Easter, is a celebration of deliverance from bondage.
Whatever your beliefs are, may this Easter/Pesach, greet you with peace, hope and give you the opportunity to celebrate what you are grateful for, in your life.

I wish you all well and hope your holiday is as meaningful as mine.


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