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I’ve been reading John Updike’s Rabbit quartet since December 2014, and I’m finally about finished with the fourth: Rabbit at Rest. I’m dragging the last fifty pages out because I know Harry (Rabbit) Angstrom, the main character, is going to die before I turn the last page.


However, I’m happy to say I have one more Rabbit book to go Rabbit Remembered a 2001 novella still there on my book shelf.

UpdikeI’ve learned a lot from reading Updike. He’s a master of description and very long and detailed descriptions at that. His characters are perfectly drawn. I’ve gotten so I can almost predict how each of them will react to certain situations. He also knows how to write about love and sex. While he can be very graphic at times, I found the following passage quite lovely and tame. I’ve always felt we can write erotically without having to go into all the gory details.


From Rabbit at Rest by John Updike:

¦Her eyes widen in the dim face inches from his on the pillow. Tiny points of light are caught in her lashes. He lets his face drift, on the tide of blood risen within him, across those inches to set their mouths together, carefully testing for the angle, while her fingers caress him in a rhythm slower than that of his thudding heart. As the space narrows to nothing he is watchful of his heart, his accomplice in sin. Their kiss tastes to him of the fish she so nicely prepared, its lemon and chives, and of asparagus¦.

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My copy looks like this.

My copy looks like this.

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