A special to honor the Out Of Darkness walk

The Boston Out of Darkness overnight walk for suicide prevention and awareness is the night of June 27 less than two weeks away. And I’ve been very aggressively training for it. I’ll need to walk 16 to 18 miles that night, so I want to be well prepared. Yesterday I walked almost 10 miles, so I think I’m right on track to be able to complete this personal challenge. I’ll be posting photos of my team S.O.L.E.S. and me in this hat.


In case you’re wondering why the walk is at night, here are my thoughts it’s to bring the suicide word out of the darkness. We need to speak that word so we can help prevent it. If people will talk about their suicidal thoughts maybe others can help prevent those at risk from acting upon their thoughts. I wish my son had talked to my husband or me. I still think after almost sixteen years that maybe I could have changed his mind had he only told me what he was thinking.

Here’s one of the S.O.L.E.S. team captains, Deborah Lee Rose, wearing the new team shirt. Our son Paul’s photo is in the lower right hand corner.

team shirt

I wrote a memoir about our son Paul and his bipolar disorder and his suicide, Leaving the Hall Light On: A Mother’s Memoir of Living with Her Son’s Bipolar Disorder and Surviving His Suicide. In honor of the walk on June 27, my publisher Mike O’Mary at Dream of Things is offering special pricing for the book starting Sunday June 21, the day I’ll be interviewed at We Love Memoirs Sunday Spotlight, through Sunday June 28. You can take advantage of the special at two sites:

The Kindle edition will be $1.99 and the paperback edition will be $10.00 on Amazon

The paperback will be $7.50 (half price) at my book’s page on the Dream of Things website. The CODE word is: light

New eBook Cover

New eBook Cover

I hope you’ll be rooting for us on June 27! And rooting to stop

the suicide epidemic as well.

Thanks so much.

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