Through My Eyes by Regina A. Walker

I have always loved New York - the sounds, the smells, the people, the sights. I love it even more after experiencing Regina Walker's new book - Through My Eyes, a photo journal in photography and poems. I wrote on Facebook the other day, "Everyone needs this book." I think the beauty of the images and words in it will grab you as much as they do me. My fellow poet and dear friend, Keith Alan Hamilton, wrote the Foreword. He says, "...I think you will find in this book the combination of her imagery and words go way beyond the magical, as well as the mystical...." Her publisher, William S. Peters, Sr. at Inner Child Press also raves about her work, "The first time i had the opportunity   to   view   Regina's   work   through   her   lens,   i   was   tremendously intrigued by her eye and her ability to Capture a unique perspective of the subtleness of life all about us. Over time i knew i had to get more involved with her work. . . my soul screamed it's  necessity  for  it    . … [Read more...]

Paul Blieden, master photographer

Although he didn't know it, when Paul Blieden invited me to write the poems for his photography book, The Emerging Goddess, he helped save my creative life. At that time I was still writing dark mourning poems for my dead son. As soon as I said yes to Paul's request, my writing turned a corner. When I realized I could write about something other than the death of my son and my memories of him, I climbed out of the deep funk I was in. I loved The Emerging Goddess project as I love the rest of Paul Blieden's photography. His subject matter is endlessly varied. He has done head shots, fashion, fine art, travel, and nature photography since 2001 and has enjoyed every minute. During this time he became a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and was on its board; a member of the Palos Verdes Art Center where he was president of both the Photography and Digital Artist group and the Artist Open Group. He is currently a member of the Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon Society and an avid … [Read more...]

Keith Alan Hamilton’s photo at Times Square

I'm so excited for my poet and photographer friend, Keith Alan Hamilton. His photo, Transition Flutter-Fly, will be shown at New York City's Times Square this very day. He'll be in the crowd with a butterfly shirt on, so if you're in the vicinity, please go by and say hi. Give him a hug for me too - I wish I could do it myself. I've known Keith for several years. We first met on Facebook when I joined the Poets, Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists ~ Networking group he created. We later met for dinner in Boston, and he also visited my husband and me in California. We discussed putting together a book of poems with images. That is still in the works. I've written several blog posts about Keith and his poems and photos (see this one). His devotion to his creativity is catching. Here's Keith's butterfly photo: And here's a photo of Keith so you can easily recognize him:     … [Read more...]

Please visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum

My husband Bob and I visited the 9/11 Memorial and Museum last Sunday morning. From the moment we stepped onto that site we couldn't contain our tears. The experience was that sad, powerful, and profound. The memorial consists of two pools that sit in the exactly spots where the World Trade Center towers once were with the nearly 3,000 names of those lost in the 1993 and 1001 attacks etched in bronze around the pools' perimeters. Thirty-two-foot waterfalls flow into the pools and then descend into a dark center, made to represent total emptiness. The 9/11 Memorial Museum, just opened in May, houses remaining artifacts from the towers, provides background about the events of September 11 and the days that followed, includes the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, and memorializes the lives of the victims some of the very creative handmade quilts are enormous. The feeling of being in a cavern was overwhelming. I was constantly looking up at the hugeness of the … [Read more...]

Nature ~ IQ: “Let’s Survive Not Die!” by Keith Alan Hamilton

My friend Keith Alan Hamilton has written a profound book of poetry, Nature ~ IQ: Let's Survive, Not Die! and I want to brag about it a little bit since it just went up for sale on Amazon in early December 2013. Right now the paper back edition is for sale, but by the end of this month he'll give away free Kindle editions so that people who read his words can freely share it with others. Keith says, My goal was to have as many people as possible take advantage of the freely accessible way I've communicated my thoughts. I offer those who choose to read my words the opportunity to hear my call to action regarding the survival of humankind. I also waited until the last part of 2012 to promote the distribution of Nature ~ IQ: Let's Survive, Not Die! in PDF format (free download) to demonstrate a positive voice that focuses on the most vital needs and issues of the people. Here's the blurb I wrote when it first came out at The Hamilton Gallery, where he shares his and others' wo … [Read more...]

Memorializing Paul’s Tree

I spent some time today taking photos of the tree we've had in our front yard for the last thirteen plus years. We have come to call it Paul's tree because we had it planted on the first year anniversary of Paul's death. I've mentioned it here in the past after a particularly bad trimming job (see December 5, 2010, June 30, 2012, and July 22, 2012). Unfortunately, I won't have to complain about that anymore. Next week our gardeners are going to remove it completely, and we'll replace it with a much smaller and less invasive substitute. I'm also memorialized it in a poem just published in True Words from Real Women: An Anthology of Life Writing by the Women of the Story Circle Network (November 2013).     Paul's Tree   It has to be a climbing tree, I say to replace the one he used to climb as a boy, to remind me of him sitting in the wide Vee of the upper branches smiling and proud of his climbing success. I settle on a small c … [Read more...]

Thank you, Keith Alan Hamilton, for your beautiful photo and words

My dear friend and poetry and photography buddy Keith Alan Hamilton has created a blog to, as he says, independently publish online the art of its author ~Keith Alan Hamilton~ and other Artists. The blog's primary goal is to make available a freely accessible and affordable medium which will provide the creative spirit greater recognition, distribution & readership over the internet." Keith has also created The Hamilton Gallery where he showcases the work of other artists as well (including me). He has just surprised me with the most touching poem to accompany the photo he took when he visited my husband and me in Manhattan Beach . Thank you my dear friend Keith for your wonderful and kind words and spectacular photograph. I couldn't help sharing work with my readers.   when you have the realization you are experiencing the essence of greatness no matter how momentary the happening a sense of the spiritual emerges¦¦all in the cosmos appears wh … [Read more...]

Aging goddesses in my heart

How old would you be if you didn't know your age. Golda Meir   A dear friend's mother died this week. She was ninety-five. I only met her one time, but I heard she had a good long life. She lived in the retirement home where another friend's ninety-three-year-old mother lives. My aunt lives there too. She's going on ninety-eight. And I still see her as the beauty she was in her thirties, forties, and fifties. I wrote the poems for Paul Blieden's book of photography, The Emerging Goddess. I dedicate this poem to these ladies. They are in my heart. Aging Goddesses The crones our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, old friends, and teachers walk arm in arm in pairs each one supporting the other on the old cobble-stoned streets. They are squat, stout with veiny legs and thick ankles, their bare feet in flat sandals showing jagged toenails or clothed in thick hose and wide oxfords. Some move slowly barely able to walk, clutching each other for … [Read more...]

New photos taken with my cell phone

Keith Alan Hamilton, poet and photographer and creator of The Hamilton Gallery, came to visit from the Boston area a couple of weekends ago, and we toured him around some of our favorite places. Poems to accompany these photos will be posted soon. Manhattan Beach Marina del Rey The Music Center and Disney Hall                         The Getty … [Read more...]

Madeleine Albright’s brooch collection

I was enthralled at an exhibit of Madeleine Albright's brooch collection at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California. Even though I had to wait in line for twenty minutes to get in the door and even though people were pushing against each other as they viewed the over 200 pins in the show, it was well worth it. If you live in the Los Angeles area, go on over. The show ends on January 13. Albright wielded her pins with expertise. People got what message she wanted to convey by the pins perched on her lapel or shoulder. Her book, Read My Pins, also has wonderful photographs of her collection and the history behind most of pins in it. I bought a copy. It's a great coffee table book. Here's what the Amazon book description says: Before long, and without intending it, I found that jewelry had become part of my personal diplomatic arsenal. Former president George H. W. Bush had been known for saying "Read my lips." I began urging colleagues and reporters to "Read my pins." … [Read more...]

Marilyn larger than life

We recently spent a couple of days in the Palm Springs, California area - ostensibly to see the 26-foot tall (equivalent to about three stories) and 34,000 pound statue of Marilyn Monroe, built out of stainless steel and aluminum. We also spent some time with some dear friends who live year-long in the desert. But for me the highlight was Marilyn. The statue, called "Forever Marilyn," created by sculptor, Seward Johnson, now age 80, will be in downtown Palm Springs until June 2013. Photos taken with my cell phone Still Life I walk up behind her. Her champagne-colored skirt billows up showing her matching panties, and long straight legs spread wide. I walk around to see her face on and find a Marilyn smiling, happy, her red lips parted, eyes closed. She holds her skirt to keep the wind from flying it up in front. as a pleated halter in the same champagne color keeps her breasts exactly in the right place. This Marilyn, strong, substantial, built larger … [Read more...]

Meet my dear friend, Keith Hamilton, poet and cell-phone photographer

I think I was one of the first to join Keith's Facebook group Poets, Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists, etc., and as such we developed a mutual admiration for each other's work. Keith offered to showcase my work on his Hamilton Gallery and has been very generous in promoting my work ever since. My husband and I had dinner with Keith when we were in Boston last spring, and we became devoted friends. We're also talking about collaborating on a poetry and cell-phone photography project. More about that later. Keith's style is earthy. He doesn't pull any punches. And he has a heart of gold all he wants to do is save the world. How and Why I Publish By Keith Alan Hamilton I'm a Publisher, editor, poet, writer and cell-phone photographer. I have a mind that fires on all cylinders; I think and think and think about everything, often to the point of mania, which leads to mental fatigue with extreme lows of prolonged depression. I have thought of suicide so often, I've gotten … [Read more...]

My Gutsy Story won!

I am thrilled that My Gutsy Story won first place for the month of June. I heartfully thank Sonia Marsh for accepting my story application and posting it for her monthly contest. Also, so many people made very insightful and wonderful comments about my story. One in particular was just posted this morning. And I have to share it with you. It is from my friend and fellow poet and cell-phone photographer, Keith Alan Hamilton. Ever since I joined Keith's Poets, Writers, Photographers, Musicians, Artists - Networking Group on Facebook, he and I have had a special bond. And I was fortunate to meet him and his girlfriend personally when my husband and I were in Boston in May. Keith has also created The Hamilton Gallery ~ Online: an Artist Collaborative of Words, Images and more..... Online publisher providing the creative spirit greater distribution & readership over the internet free of charge. Keith has honored me by showcasing my poetry and material about my memoir, … [Read more...]

Vacation poems and photos

When we travel I challenge myself to write a poem a day. And this past vacation to New England, Boston, NYC, and Washington DC was no different. Here's a small sampling with photos. Still leafless in Vermont In New Hampshire Birches The sparsely leafed birches scintillate amidst the spring trees along the road Their barks, like diamonds, bring sparkle to the forest floor. Even with full foliage in limes, reds, and emerald greens their fellow trees cannot compete. Montpelier Augusta Concord Three Domes We traveled around the states of Vermont, Maine and New Hampshire knowing there was no way we'd see everything. Those states are much too large and overwhelmingly rural. But we made up our minds to see each state capital and take photos of the domes. In Montpelier and Augusta there was no missing them they were gold and shining. The Concord capital dome is a dull green. With George and Barbara Bush ESP? This morning I joked about seeing … [Read more...]

My darling great niece and nephew

While we were traveling the past three weeks we visited our darling great niece and nephew in Virginia. I cannot help myself from bragging. Anna with her new book Ian listening to his bedtime story Clowning around With their mom And with great Uncle Bob … [Read more...]

Photos and a poem – I promise there really is a pumpkin on the page

Halloween morning in Manhattan Beach. A day that can't decide whether to rain or shine. Cinderella, Revisited In the hushed and hollow chamber she crouched shivering at the hearthstone. Skimpily clad in clammy chemise and skivvies the incessant cinders swept into the crackling ashes, the pitchfork stuck in the pile of muck in the corner, the screeches and screams of her fat flatulent sisters finally ceased. Bedecked, bejeweled, and befuddled they parted in their livery Into the black celestial night to trample the toes and hearts of their pitiful twirling partners while she huddled and willed her wishes to fruition, and alas they were by three miniscule mice and a miraculous squash plucked fresh from the pumpkin patch. … [Read more...]

More about The Emerging Goddess

Some very exciting news about our photography/poetry book, The Emerging Goddess: Paul Blieden, the photographer, and I will be interviewed next week by the arts editor of one of our local newspapers, The Easy Reader, and we expect to see the story in the September 23 or 30 issue. Also Pages, our new independent bookstore downtown Manhattan Beach, will host a book signing and poetry reading in the store on October 21. My job is to get a couple of poetry readers for the event. Well, I have a couple of actors in the family. Perhaps they'll take on the job. And, next summer in June or July, one of our local galleries, Cannery Row, will have an exhibition of Paul's beautiful and original "goddess" photographs and a poetry reading as well. Things keep happening for this book. I think its time has come. … [Read more...]

Another book revision progress report

It's really coming along. I'm down to the last chapter in my first revision pass. I still have lots of moving around and repetition deletions to do, but I'm feeling more confident that the book has now taken on the right shape. And, my storyboards are a big help. I can see where each chapter best belongs by having the whole book posted. I also have highlighted my problem-child text in yellow, so I can see where I need to go back and revise again. Once this first revision is complete, I'm going to ask Janice to give it a preliminary look about the end of September. Then all I'll have to do once she's finished is get it ready for her final edit and galley prep. Did I say, all I'll have to do? I suspect it won't be that simple. Even when the words are in their proper place I'll still have to put it in the required manuscript form and adhere to the Lucky Press style guide. That alone could take weeks. I also didn't mention that one of my friends is currently editing it as well. She … [Read more...]

Trip pix

Some of my readers have been asking for photos from our recent trip. Here are a few of the things I found most interesting: The Starn Banboo installation at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (now I said interesting, not that I particularly liked it) The London Eye -- this was our second trip on it. The dragon spire in Copenhagen (for some reason I got caught up with spires, ceilings, and roofs) The Absolut Ice Bar in Stockholm -- and the vodka was almost non-existent The amphitheater in Tallin Estonia where tens of thousands gather to sing The paper mache chandelier at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg The monument to Sebelius in Helsinki -- a favorite composer during my college days The regatta in Oslo (through the rain drops on the ship's window) The Prince Albert Memorial in the Kensington Gardens The sea of trees of Central Park as seen from our hotel room in NYC Notice anything? Yes, most of the photos show dark … [Read more...]

The first sunset

A friend sent this photo of the first sunset and these inspiring words: "This is the first sunset of 2010 in Manhattan Beach. This is the beginning of a beautiful year to come....a sign!" … [Read more...]