Another tweet for Paul

140 Only one more day and it will be ten years since we found him and knew we would never hug him, kiss him or have to worry about him ever again. … [Read more...]

Blog tour

I'm very excited that my blog will be part of the Women on Writing (WOW) blog tour. That means another author, Stephanie Riseley, will stop by to chat about memoir writing and specifically, writing to heal and the road to finding representation and a publisher for your memoirs. So, please check in. She'll be here on June 12. Stephanie Riseley is a writer, teacher, and hypnotherapist. Her book, Love From Both Sides: A True Story of Soul Survival and Sacred Sexuality, tells the story of her husband dying in her arms and coming back to chat. In it she shares the deeply emotional and powerfully physical story of the continued relationship between her and her husband Dan after his sudden death. Exploring the ways in which love and forgiveness can transcend the boundaries of life and death, the book intends to change perceptions of the emotional and spiritual relationships two people can share. Problematic marriages and challenging relationships will take on positive new … [Read more...]

25 random things

Facebook gave me the opportunity to post 25 random things about myself. So, I just began typing. Here's the list I came up with. 1. I get up at 5 am every morning to go to the gym 2. I am a fanatic about getting over 12,000 steps on my pedometer every day 3. I love to go to the movies 4. I have a blog: 5. I write in my journal most every day 6. I'm trying to sell my memoir -- anyone know an agent out there? 7. My husband and I met at work -- the old TRW 8. We've lived in the same house in Manhattan Beach since 1979 9. We and our family lived on the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific in 1977-1978 10. I want to live in Italy for at least a year 11. My mother and father both immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe 12. I'm studying Italian 13. I don't drink coffee 14. I'm lactose intolerant 15. I haven't eaten red meat in almost 30 years 16. I love my new boss at work 17. My son is an actor and a tennis pro 18. I am a published … [Read more...]

Facebook mania

Facebook recently became part of my life. What I like most about it is that friends, both old and new, have literally come out of the woodwork. It's a great way to catch up and keep in touch -- and lots of fun. Facebook Friends They come from all over out of the woodwork, the alumni annals, work, and family both distant and close. At first I thought Facebook was just for kids a way to keep in touch by sending goofy gifts, pokes, super pokes, tags, photos and invites. And, now I'm surrounded with friends of all ages some I knew in the dark ages at high school, some spent time with me in the South Pacific. many are my children's friends and many are work colleagues past and present. I've got poet friends, hometown friends, relative friends, adopted daughter friends, and friends' children as friends. We eagerly write on each other's walls send hearts, flowers, and plants and little cute fishes for any occasion imaginable. We join causes, become rah-rah … [Read more...]

Just over a year

It's just over a year since I started this blog. It's evolved into something quite different from my original intent, but I'm not unhappy about that. I like that I can post any subject that comes to mind. I'm not confined to my blog title, choices. Today I'm thinking about the air quality and the gray sky left dirty and murky from the fallout from all the fires in Santa Barbara, Slymar, Diamond Bar, Palos Verdes that have been rampaging these last few days. I couldn't even do my usual long Sunday walk to the beach this morning for fear of getting congested and short-winded. It is definitely a day to stay indoors with the windows closed. So, it seems appropriate to post a poem I wrote a while back about star gazing. And, no, I don't expect to see any stars out tonight. Star Fishing Today I want to tell you about variable stars. They intrigue me because they change. They change in brightness. Some repeat cycles with almost clocklike precision others change irregularly. Some … [Read more...]

Is speaking in public really worse than death?

The public speaking trainer at my company actually said some people think it is. And, come to think about it, it could be true for me. I've been paralyzed for the last couple of weeks obsessing over having to present a training module this morning. Now really I'm at choice about whether to take on this kind of assignment so, why did I do this to myself? I don't need to do it. I could easily have opted out of today's assignment. But I didn't. I still want to keep my hand in. And in my book proposal I state that I have public speaking experience. If I have to promote my book, I'll have to be well practiced in presenting skills. I guess that's a good enough reason to get over my fear and go for it. Another basic question is, once I've decided to accept the assignment, why do I obsess so much? I've presented in front of big groups many times over the last few years and in front of very high level people. And, as usual , as soon as I stand up in front of the room all my angst, my … [Read more...]