Voter registration volunteer – quite an experience!

Last Saturday I went to Las Vegas Nevada as a volunteer to help register voters. I got up at four in the morning, got ready, and left my home by four forty to get to Hillary's headquarters in the Westchester part of Los Angeles (just north of the airport) by five. I arrived a little early and glad I did. A half hour later the line was almost out the door with people waiting to sign in. However, I waited more than an hour before we got on the bus and on our way at six fifteen. I was assigned Bus 2 two full buses left from the Westchester headquarters one of fifty-three people. I felt lucky to find a seat on the left aisle next to a young woman named Gabriella. We chatted a bit she teaches four and five-year olds pre kindergarten and then decided to partner for the day. Having a partner at the registration sites was a requirement. It took us around four hours to get to Las Vegas I whiled away the time writing of course, reading, and dozing I don't go anywhere without … [Read more...]

After the election

No, I'm not going to tell you who I voted for, and I don't especially care who you voted for either. But I am going to share a few thoughts about the election. First of all I'm glad it's over. I tried to keep up as much as possible but that took away precious time from the work on my plate writing my web articles, networking with other authors, and putting out information about my writing works. However, I totally refused to publically comment, like, and support any information about the election on my social networks. Once in a while I'd write someone a personal message saying I supported his or her political posts, but that's as far as I went. I felt sharing my political beliefs publically would offend my followers. I also didn't want to get into political arguments. That's not what I'm on the social networks for. And I'm not alone. The Manhattan Beach Patch shared the results of a Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project that found that 18 percent of … [Read more...]

It’s finally over

I am so sick of the negativity of both parties leading up to today's election that I hardly care anymore. I actually gave a cursory thought to not voting at all out of disgust. And now I wonder how many people felt the same way and carried it through. The thing that fries me the most is the obscene level of money spent on campaigning. I wonder if there is a way that candidates can actually put their money where their mouths are. If they are for education or job creation, couldn't they spend their campaign money on education or creating jobs? Then they could actually show the good they are doing before the election. We could believe what they say becasue their good products would be their proof. I'd definitely want to vote for someone like that. I don't want to vote for people who spend millions on negative adds. Our economy is crying for help right now. There are starving people out there starving for food and a proper education. That's why in my mind using millions on negative … [Read more...]

A political intrusion

When I got to the gym this morning there was a campaign sign for Carly Fiorina sitting on the floor near the exit door. I was incensed, but I opted not to say anything about it until I was finished with my workout. I felt having it there was intrusive like all the political emails, phone calls, and TV adds that intrude on my life every day. I go to the gym to get away from that stuff, not to have it around and thrown in my face. The gym is my time, supposedly free from the interruptions of daily life. Cells phones are outlawed there, so why not campaign signage? Well it turns out that someone else must have felt as I did, because the sign was gone when I was ready to leave. So I didn't have to read anyone the riot act which I would have done but in a nice way. I actually have a suspicion who brought it in - a very politically vocal woman. I hear her talking about politics almost every day. Even my ear buds can't drown her out. … [Read more...]

More about the movies

I really wanted to continue on the path of seeing as many nominated films before the Academy Award presentations next week, but I got out voted. instead we went to see "Taken," last night, and I can't believe the interest and the high regard for action films. I just don't see the point. Liam Neisen was not acting, but being a ridiculous action hero who deflected every attempt to thwart his progress through the plot bullets, car chases, hanging it didn't matter. No matter how people tried to get rid of him, he prevailed. It was really laughable it was so unbelievable. Plus, he's getting old and isn't in that great a shape anymore, so that he could do this action hero stuff makes no sense either. Needless to say, I didn't like the film. It made me sweaty because the plot line was so uncomfortable people kidnapping young girls and then selling them into prostitution and slavery. It makes me uncomfortable because I know they do this all over the world including the U.S. This … [Read more...]

Calling for votes

I participated in a calling bank today, and I keep asking myself, did it really make a difference? The calls came in electronically, so I had no idea with whom I was speaking -- except someone who lives in Missouri. And, more times than not, my call was either aborted by a hangup before I even had a chance to speak or I was greeted by a hangup as soon as the responder found out whom I was supporting. However, there were several who responded favorably to my questions. That, I think, made it all worthwhile. In fact, one women who was reluctant to share, said she felt comfortable sharing whom she planned to vote for because she liked my voice. But, today I didn't get a chance to change anybody's mind or get anyone who wasn't in favor of my candidate to listen to me past my first introductory statement. In fact, I got some guff because I interrupted someone while he was watching his football game. Oh well, I was calling on a Sunday afternoon. … [Read more...]