Joe Bunting’s favorite writing quotes

I love Joe Bunting's blog The Write Practice. I read it everyday and I save every post in their own folder with my other saved emails. I also love to collect quotes myself, so Joe's piece on December 19, 2014 absolutely resonated with me. Please note that I attribute the following quotes about writing to Joe's blog The Write Practice. Joe says: "Some of these quotes, I’ve been collecting for years, others I found only recently, but all of them speak to universal truths about why people become writers and how to become a writer. I hope you enjoy the quotes as much as I enjoyed discovering them. I hope you'll find some value in them as I did." Please click on his blog to read more of his thoughts about writing and what these quotes mean for writers.   And finally a quote by Joe Bunting: … [Read more...]

Birthday thoughts

It’s time to think about how to remember Paul on his birthday this year. Had he lived, he would have become forty years old on December 31. I wonder why I can remember the day he was born so vividly. I can also remember the day he died – over twelve years ago now. Some of the in between is gone, some of the memories may be skewed a bit, but not a day goes by that I don’t acknowledge Paul’s existence in my life. Maybe it’s enough of a celebration to have a celebration of his life – listen to his music, get out and read from his favorite books – they are still packed in boxes out in the garage – and eat some of his favorite foods – probably those would be pizza and sushi. And continue to write about him. Many of the poems I’ve written about him appear in my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On. I think I’ll post a few of those this month too. I’ll also post some more of his pictures. He really was an adorable baby and a good-looking guy. After all, I am his m … [Read more...]