Missing Sherman

My beloved cousin Sherman died yesterday as a result of a massive stroke. The shock of it, the fact that he is no longer with us, and the sadness I feel are overwhelming. We grew up together in Chicago though he was five years older than I. That age difference didn't matter. He was always caring and loving toward me. One of my early memories of him was at his Bar Mitzvah party. My dad was the master of ceremonies and he asked me to read a poem about Sherman as part of the program. I wish I remembered the poem or had a copy of it. I'd like to read it now. Instead I'll share the loving words his daughter put up on Facebook yesterday. It says it all: I am beyond heartbroken to share that my beautiful dad passed away this morning in my arms and those of my mom. There are truly no words to describe how kind, positive, caring, smart and generous he was. He reached out to everyone around him and always had a beautiful twinkle in his eyes. He loved to learn and made more of a … [Read more...]

Family photos

I was practically obsessive about taking family photos especially toward the end of Paul's life. Like I had some sort of premonition. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of early ones without my mother in them. She never wanted to be left out, and she always stood right up front and center. This first here was at the time of Paul's graduation from grade school. The last was just a few months before he died. I am so fortunate to have this many. (Scroll down, there's a poem at the end.) First Trophy So after all the dishes are washed and put away and she checks her emails one last time before closing her computer down, she comes across an old photo, a little crumpled and faded of her boy at age five, her first-born son. His blonde hair cut like an upside-down cereal bowl around his face, his dark blue eyes twinkling, his wide smile showing a gap where his two front teeth should be, he proudly holds up his first soccer trophy to the camera. And … [Read more...]