More kudos for Leaving the Hall Light On My friend and advisor on all things related to getting a book published, Mark Shelmerdine, CEO of Jeffers Press, sent me this note yesterday after he finished reading a review copy of my book. I thank him immensely for his kind words. I finished Leaving the Hall Light On last night. It is a very moving, very intimate and very inspiring memoir. It must have taken great courage to reveal your story to yourself and your family let alone to the world at large. I have huge respect for the way you have exposed your feelings for Paul, Bob and Ben with such candor; it is something that it would be impossible for me to do probably because I am a reticent Brit. The poetry and photographs add an extra dimension that is missing from most memoirs like this since as a reader you get much closer to the reality of what is being described on the page. For 321 pages I was completely caught up in your life and the heart-wrenching drama that you were … [Read more...]