Okay, what’s happening with the book?

I used the whole month of December to honor my son Paul's memory I failed to provide an update on the status of my book. My goal was to complete all revisions by December 4. My publisher asked for it on December 27, but, I wanted to take the month of December off so I pushed hard to reach that goal. And since she would be on a family vacation she asked that I not send it before she got back on December 13 so it would arrive when she returned. I'm glad that she agreed to let me send it early, probably understanding that if I kept it in my possession any longer I might be tempted to make more changes to it. Fortunately I knew I was finished when I couldn't think of anymore changes, edits, adds, or things to move-around that it needed. I could sleep at night not thinking about what I was going to do to my book the next day. The five months of living, breathing, and sleeping with my book was really over. With the manuscript which I sent electronically I sent copy for the book's … [Read more...]