Building a book trailer

I've decided there is never an end to the things that need doing in getting a book published and out there to the world. My latest chore is developing a book trailer, and when I began just days ago I really didn't have a clue about how to do it. I actually thought about having a trailer some months ago when I saw the one for Alice and Richard's book The Art of Aging. And then when two of my Lucky Press author colleagues came out with theirs, I decided it was time for me to get a move on. And since I'm a me-too kind of person, I didn't want to be left out. Their books will be released after mine, and their trailers are already on YouTube. So I asked my son Ben if he would work on it with me he of course with his acting talent and his experience in writing, directing, and producing short films he was the logical choice. And like a good son, he said he'd be glad to help which really meant doing most of the design and production work. We met on Thursday and talked about a … [Read more...]

The final, final, final review

Great cover photo by Madison Poulter I've been procrastinating about getting down to my writing all morning. And I didn't write a word yesterday. Am I feeling the need to relax a bit about my writing schedule after all I've sent off the final, final, final corrections for the book prior the launch just about six weeks away. Dealing with the final corrections is a whole other story. I received my review copy early this month in a paperback edition although the book will come out next month in hardback. I really hadn't intended to read it. I just wanted to have a copy for my records. So my husband Bob decided to read it front to back. He had read little bits of the book when I had the drafts posted on the storyboard wall, but I had never asked him to read or review it before. (I was told some years ago not to let a significant other read your drafts the risks of hurt and hard feelings are too high.) So needless to say, his … [Read more...]

Next steps to book launch

I've finished my final review of my book's design and galleys and sent off my notes to my Lucky Press publisher. Next steps are sending out review copies, getting back comments and hopefully some good blurbs for the back of the dust jacket, and then the book's Mother's Day release. Right after that I have my first scheduled book signing - May 12 at our local Manhattan Beach bookstore, Pages. I'll be sending out invites to that soon. So, in the meantime I'll post a few of the poems that are interspersed throughout. Here's "Leaving the Hall Light On," originally published by The Muddy River Poetry Review under the title, "What Is Loss?" Leaving the Hall Light On I lose my keys or sunglasses and find them in my hand all along. I lose my little boy in the department store and he pops out squealing with laughter from under the clothes display, I lose important papers and find them in the stack of other papers on my desk. I … [Read more...]

Small Stones seven through thirteen

Jan 7: I'm going through each page of my manuscript combing every line for my editor's neatly printed turquoise blue pen marks. Jan 8: We sit crushed together on hard folding-chair seats, gobbling down every word our writing gurus say. Jan 9: The little babies converse across the booth seat as we eat at the Corner Bakery this morning. Jan 10: I watch the tiny leaves sway in the yard next door under a gray, gloom. Jan 11: One loud jolt, then a short rumbling shake. Yes, a small earthquake but I don't worry. (And I lived to write about it.) Jan 12: The waves roll in lazily; their whitecaps barely able to touch the shore. Jan 13: A starling family hops around a small garden near the beach, their dark metallic feathers etched with gold specks. … [Read more...]

Small stones four, five, and six

Jan 5: I walked through our town's new sculpture garden this morning. The hilly grass a perfect backdrop for our budding artists. Jan 6: She brushed my hair flat against my back and snipped little sections diagonally about a half an inch, trimming the ends. Jan 7: I'm going through each page of my manuscript combing every line for my editor's neatly printed turquoise blue pen marks. … [Read more...]

Okay, what’s happening with the book?

I used the whole month of December to honor my son Paul's memory I failed to provide an update on the status of my book. My goal was to complete all revisions by December 4. My publisher asked for it on December 27, but, I wanted to take the month of December off so I pushed hard to reach that goal. And since she would be on a family vacation she asked that I not send it before she got back on December 13 so it would arrive when she returned. I'm glad that she agreed to let me send it early, probably understanding that if I kept it in my possession any longer I might be tempted to make more changes to it. Fortunately I knew I was finished when I couldn't think of anymore changes, edits, adds, or things to move-around that it needed. I could sleep at night not thinking about what I was going to do to my book the next day. The five months of living, breathing, and sleeping with my book was really over. With the manuscript which I sent electronically I sent copy for the book's … [Read more...]