To Denver and back

It's always wonderful to visit with our great nieces and nephew in Denver. We now have six: five girls - one born just six weeks ago - and one boy. We were there for Anna's eighth birthday, and since they all have birthdays coming up in the next couple of months, we brought birthday presents for all - including new baby Ella Joy. What was special was making the birthday cake with our oldest great niece, Alyssa. But as usual, I find I can't wait to get home - no matter where I travel to. Instead of walking on the loud busy streets in Denver, I took my big long walk this morning along the beach. Although it was teeming with runners and walkers, I could comfortably hear my music and take a few shots of the ubiquitous Strand gardens along the way. I must be like Dorothy. "There's no place like home."                             … [Read more...]

Denver visit

While spending the weekend in Denver visiting family, we got caught in a blizzard. We're now happily back in Southern California. I love my great nieces View out the window … [Read more...]

First small stones

I think my small stones this January are coming from all over the place - outside nature, outside events, inside my mind and thoughts, on my body. But I don't think it matters. Just so I pay attention for a bit of time and write down what I'm paying attention to. For example, I had to write today's stone about how I'm feeling because experiencing Denver's cold dry air for a couple of days played such havoc on my body. It is hard not to pay attention to it. Here are my January 2012 River of Stones musings so far. January 1 As the morning cold blows through my house like winter, my skin cannot bear my icy touch. January 2 The trees stand like shadows against the morning fog, their branches dripping down dew. January 2 Little Daniel was twelve when he took his life two years ago. I look at his face, all pure innocence, so young. His straight blond hair raggedly cut almost covers his eyes. Yet, there is a wiseness in him, in the way he looks so intent and focused. He makes … [Read more...]

Sightseeing in my home town

Our niece from Denver has been visiting and we've been doing a bit of sightseeing. We're not nearly finished but today is a day of work and rest and maybe a long walk on the beach later this afternoon. Since she arrived we went to the Los Angeles Zoo on Monday - it was only 100 degrees there - and we especially loved the giant tortoises. I didn't know they can weigh up to 550 pounds and live as long as 150 years. Giant Tortoise Walking Very Slowly in the Heat On Tuesday we took the VIP tour at Warner Brothers Studios. In all the years I've lived in the Los Angeles area, this was my first time there, and I loved the tour. We joined a group of twelve on an open tram, but stopped at many studio locations such as: the jungle where lots of battles have been fought, the Ellen DeGeneres set, the old Friends set in the Property building (we ran into an old friend who has worked there for years), The Mentalist set, a museum of costumes and artifacts from old films and lots of Harry Potter … [Read more...]