Let’s not forget our friends in Nepal

Please let's all join together to remember the thousands of people lost since the huge earthquake and avalanche in Nepal. And let's all join together to help the survivors rebuild their lives and their country. I pledge right here and now that I will donate as much as I can afford to help our friends in Nepal. Will you join me?   … [Read more...]

Small Stones seven through thirteen

Jan 7: I'm going through each page of my manuscript combing every line for my editor's neatly printed turquoise blue pen marks. Jan 8: We sit crushed together on hard folding-chair seats, gobbling down every word our writing gurus say. Jan 9: The little babies converse across the booth seat as we eat at the Corner Bakery this morning. Jan 10: I watch the tiny leaves sway in the yard next door under a gray, gloom. Jan 11: One loud jolt, then a short rumbling shake. Yes, a small earthquake but I don't worry. (And I lived to write about it.) Jan 12: The waves roll in lazily; their whitecaps barely able to touch the shore. Jan 13: A starling family hops around a small garden near the beach, their dark metallic feathers etched with gold specks. … [Read more...]