He’s given the boot the boot

The Boot - discarded along with all the rest of the broken foot accessories I'm very happy to say the last piece of my husband's broken foot equipment is now ready to give away to Good Will. He discarded the huge, cumbersome boot just about two weeks ago, and he now wears his new wide (to accommodate some residual swelling) New Balance shoes full-time. The next thing he needs to do is get back to driving. I'm hoping that will happen next week. It's been a long three plus months, but in the end it was worth the discipline and rigor of his recovery program. He's walking now like nothing ever happened. … [Read more...]

One month already

At a formal wedding last Sunday (with scooter) My husband fell and broke his foot one month ago today. And two weeks ago he had surgery to fuse his bones together with ten stainless steel pins. Now two weeks post op he's feeling healthy again -- his appetite is back, he's free of infection, and his spirits are up. All he needs to do is stay off his foot for another four weeks - for a total of eight weeks. It's a tall order for the patient and his prime caregiver (moi), but we're committed to his complete recovery - so that's what it will take. I wrote a poem early on about the fall. So in honor of this month anniversary, here it is: Even A Broken Foot Accidents are just that Accidents Yet some can be avoided like my husband's the other night. He walked willy-nilly toward a dark room that the hotel should have had well lit. And while groping in the dark for a light switch he fell down a short flight of stairs and was rewarded with immediate pain in his foot and … [Read more...]