Stanley revisited

We are still thinking about Stanley, the Ford Focus that saved our son's life. I've written this ode in Stanley's honor: Ode to Stanley I really didn't know you very well. Once in a while you stayed out on the curbside of my home or you picked me up so Ben and I could go to lunch. I never thought much about you. You were small and gray a rather drab gray at that. But you served Ben well. Got him where he wanted to go. Lately he was thinking of giving you to Marissa and getting another car for himself maybe his dad's Camry also gray. What is it with these dull gray cars? Then one night you showed your true stuff, that you were not that drab after all. Even when you were hit three times on the freeway pushed from one lane to the next like in a bumper car derby until you finally stopped in the fast lane, facing the oncoming traffic, with your front end falling off and dents all over your body, you proved your worth. You sacrificed your life for your … [Read more...]

Miracles do happen – I’m sure of it

I'm struck once again how life and death events put everything into perspective. The petty things I was worrying over what Pilates class should I take, when should I go to Portland to visit my sister, or even what should I cook for dinner at the beginning of this week fell by the wayside when I heard the news that Ben had been in a horrific automobile accident on the freeway on Wednesday night while he was on his way home from acting class. He called me the day after about noon to tell me about it. He was fine he said, he didn't have a scratch on him, but his car was totaled. While I was hearing him tell me this news I began to cry not about the good news that he was well and all that was lost was his car but for what could have been. And then I quickly realized I needed to rejoice, not cry. My handsome wonderful son is still here with us whole and well and we began to joke that his car, lovingly called Stanley, a Ford Focus, saved him. I was even more elated when I saw him … [Read more...]