Fun poetry prompts

View from Highway One, Big Sur, California Getting back to my poetry workshop in Big Sur a couple to weeks ago, I’ll give you some fun prompts where we were asked to write poems using a list of prescribed words. We also discussed: Controlling image poem – where an image, such as a tree or a broom, is something for the readers to hang onto while the poem takes us for a ride.   Long armed poem – scoops in a lot of information, goes on and on, and is tied together in the end – somehow. Leap poem– where the poet leaps into seemingly unrelated material and then ties it all together by asking a question or making a statement over and over. It’s also possible to write a leap poem by telling a story and then leaping into metaphor. Lyric poem– it has a song-like element that uses repetition of words and sounds, also asks a question or makes a statement over and over. Rhyme could definitely work here as well. Persona poem – a monologue in the voice of … [Read more...]