A new published poem plus

I'm pleased that the Story Circle Journal has published my new poem, Writing My Truths in response to their submission topic Silence. I certainly recommend my women writer friends to look into joining the Story Circle Network: for women with stories to tell. This group has been very supportive of my work. Here's a little description from its website: The Story Circle Network is an international not-for-profit membership organization made up of women who want to document their lives and explore their personal stories through journaling, memoir, autobiography, personal essays, poetry, drama, and mixed-media. Writing My Truths I have a new room. I write in there alone. I sit at my draftsman table, looking out the bay window to the garden. I see the trunks of the three palm trees, the small cement pond, and the ferns swinging their leaves behind it. Sometimes a bird comes by for a drink, surfing along the top of the pool. Yet, I don't open the window to … [Read more...]

Here’s what’s been going on

As soon as I finished my four-week consulting job, I had to get ready for my husband's hip replacement surgery. That is get my head in gear for the stress of waiting for results, the driving back and forth to the hospital, and then caring for him once he got home. We're at the third stage now. The surgery went very well it only lasted one hour and he was released from the hospital after a two-night stay. I not only brought him home, I also brought a cold and compression machine to aid in his healing process. Plus we are proud owners of a brand-new walker. The first day he was feeling pretty puny, but once he started to take his prescription strength ibuprofen, he was back to his feisty self. So feisty that he abandoned his walker sometime during his first night home while I was sleeping and began hobbling around on his own two feet. Needless to say I had to insist on the walker the next morning. It enables him to walk straight and tall at a regular clip, and I don't have … [Read more...]