Marketing a book takes a lot of time

I've been working away at my Women on Writing WOW blog tour posts, and as of right now I have a draft for all ten of them. This weekend, as I normally do when editing my work I'll read each on a hard copy and make redline corrections and changes. I have to start sending in my pieces on June 1, so as due dates begin to arrive I'll go over each for last minute changes and tweaks. Other than my posts, a couple of the bloggers will interview me and a couple others will review my book, so over the month-long tour, I won't be doing all the work. Just before the tour starts I'll post the schedule here, and in real time, post a link to the blog once they are posted. The tour starts on June 6 with an interview with me on WOW's The Muffin blog Speaking of interviews a senior student at our local Vistamar High School interview me this week to fulfill her senior project to prepare a biographical essay of someone in her community. The project, lasting … [Read more...]