Journaling can be a risky business

I had dinner last night with three of my former work colleagues whom I get together every few months or so. We talked a bit about the workplace I left just about a year ago, making me feel very glad I made that decision to leave. Toward the end of our evening one of the women shared with me that she'd like to do something besides work -- something creative. I suggested classes at El Camino City College and South Bay Adult School in jewelry making, pottery, painting, or even a language, but she said she'd like to get into writing. I asked her if she journaled, and she actually physically moved away from that subject. She said she couldn't write down anything private for fear of it getting into the wrong hands. Of course that's the fear of all of us who journal, but it hasn't stopped me. At first I wrote in notebooks the finer the better. I especially love the ones I bought in France and later found at Banner Stationer's in El Segundo Clairefontaine. The pages are very thick and … [Read more...]