Kindle Nation newsletter applauds my publisher, Dream of Things

Kindle Nation Bargain Book Alert: Four Best-Selling Memoirs for 99 Cents Each Plus Three Bonus Books! August 15, 2013 By Kindle Nation Publisher Mike O'Mary Dream of Things is an indie publisher with a reputation for finding and publishing high-quality memoirs. Each of the memoirs offered today for 99 cents has 50+ reader reviews and ratings of 4+ stars. We focus on memoirs and creative nonfiction, says publisher Mike O'Mary. Our goal is to provide readers with distinctive voices, meaningful books. So far, it looks like Dream of Things is succeeding. Check out this great line-up of memoirs all at ONLY 99 CENTS August 15-17. * * * Everything I Never Wanted to Be by Dina Kucera (159 Reviews, 4.6 Stars): How come people who have experienced such trauma write so well? So raw and funny that it almost makes me want to have horrible things happen to me so my writing will improve. Joel Stein, Time Magazine co … [Read more...]