Keeping my fingers moving fast and furiously

I was invited to be the guest at the weekly chat conducted by a Facebook group I belong to last Friday evening. The subject was my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On. And I must admit when I agreed to attend I had no idea what to expect. I've participated in online telecoms, individual chats on Facebook, but never a group chat. I didn't even know at first whether this would be an audio chat or just through the computer keyboard. I found out soon enough it was a typing on the computer kind of chat. The organizer sent a link to a Facebook chat application called Let's Chat via Clobby Group Chat, and I logged in about fifteen minutes before my six o'clock evening start time. A few people were already there I could tell from the list on the right sidebar. The group leader was also there and said she was relieved to know I managed to successfully get in. Then she had me test how many words I could type in the little input box before the application cut me off. It turned out to be … [Read more...]