My review of Lifting the Curtain by D. A. Russell

When I posted D.A. Russell's essay about how our urban high schools do not provide even minimal education on September 10, I hadn't yet read his book, Lifting the Curtain: The disgrace we call urban high school education. I have since remedied that. I found Lifting the Curtain fascinating, an eye-opening expose of how teachers and administrators, parents, and the students themselves have all played a role in the recent demise of quality education in our high schools. Here's my review of Lifting the Curtain: The recent convictions of high school teachers and administrators who changed students' test scores drew me to D.A. Russell's book, Lifting the Current: the disgrace we call urban high school education. And as I got into the book I found that changing test scores is just the tip of the iceberg. All involved students, teachers/administrators, and parents cheat just so the students will pass and the schools will continue to receive the funding they need to stay a … [Read more...]