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I saw a photo of a women about my age with beautiful flowing gray hair this morning, and I felt validated for choosing to keep my hair long. As a matter of fact, I plan to tell my hair stylist to trim "just a little" at my haircut appointment this week. Seeing the picture this morning reminded me of the New York Times article by Dominique Browning that appeared on October 21, 2010. By the way, here's my latest photo - long flowing gray hair and all. Why Can't Middle-Aged Women Have Long Hair? By DOMINIQUE BROWNING MY mother hates it. My sister worries about it. My agent thinks I'm hiding behind it. A concerned friend suggests that it undermines my professional credibility. But in the middle of my life, I'm happy with it. Which is saying a lot about anything happening to my 55-year-old body. I feel great about my hair. I have long hair. I'm not talking about long enough to brush gently on my shoulder when I tilt my head. I'm not talking about being a … [Read more...]