The famous black bomber jacket

It's getting cold enough for heavy jackets especially when I go to the gym early in the morning. And I have the perfect one Paul's black bomber. I've written about it, I have vivid memories of Paul wearing it, and since he died I've worn it many times. But, I've never shown it off until now. I'm happy to say it still looks fresh and new no major holes, no fading. I guess it likes hanging in my office closet, transformed from the closet Paul once used. Hopefully, it will stay in this condition for many years to come. How about that orange lining? Black Bomber Swaddled in this black bomber jacket all weekend, I am safe from the Big Sur chill. It's too large for me. And that's okay. It was Paul's. I bought it for him years ago at American et Cie on La Brea before he went crazy and decided to leave us way before his time. I like how it snuggles me, like he's in there too giving me a hug. It's the only piece of his clothing I have left. I've given away the rest: his … [Read more...]

String Bridge – review and author interview

I recently had the great pleasure to read Jessica Bell's debut novel String Bridge. And I happily gave it a well-deserved five out of five stars. From the outside it would appear Melody Hill, the main character and narrator of Jessica Bell's debut novel, String Bridge, has a perfect life. She lives in Athens with her charming Greek music promoter husband, she has an adorably precocious daughter, and she has a dream job as an editor for a publishing company with a promotion and raise in the offing. But getting deeper into her story, the reader finds what's hidden behind this façade and her wanting-to-please-everyone persona. She is frightened by her husband's abusive yelling and mortified at finding out he has had an affair. She is suffering from the effects of her mother's erratic bipolar behavior and worries that she is bipolar herself. She is constantly searching for help from her silent but loving father. And she regrets giving up her music career for a life that she can h … [Read more...]

Welcome to the Internet Book Fair Blogfest

        I'm excited to participate in today's Internet Blogfest. Please click on the link and join in. Scroll down a bit to find a list of all the participants. I have three books to present today. First, a little something about my memoir, Leaving the Hall Light On Leaving the Hall Light On is a mother's memoir of living with my son's bipolar disorder and surviving his suicide. Published by Lucky Press LLC, a small independent and wonderful press, it was released last May. so appropriately on Mother's Day. I write about finding peace and balance after feeling so helpless and out of control during my son Paul's seven-year struggle with bipolar disorder and after his suicide in September 1999 and about the steps I took in living with the loss of my son, including making use of diversions to help ease my grief. Leaving the Hall Light On is also about the milestones I met toward living a full life without him: packing and giving … [Read more...]