Paul Blieden, master photographer

Although he didn't know it, when Paul Blieden invited me to write the poems for his photography book, The Emerging Goddess, he helped save my creative life. At that time I was still writing dark mourning poems for my dead son. As soon as I said yes to Paul's request, my writing turned a corner. When I realized I could write about something other than the death of my son and my memories of him, I climbed out of the deep funk I was in. I loved The Emerging Goddess project as I love the rest of Paul Blieden's photography. His subject matter is endlessly varied. He has done head shots, fashion, fine art, travel, and nature photography since 2001 and has enjoyed every minute. During this time he became a member of the Los Angeles Art Association and was on its board; a member of the Palos Verdes Art Center where he was president of both the Photography and Digital Artist group and the Artist Open Group. He is currently a member of the Palos Verdes/South Bay Audubon Society and an avid … [Read more...]