More January small stones

January small stone month is almost over. I've managed to write one almost every day, only having to backtrack twice. Now I'm thinking of continuing the practice of paying attention and writing down what I pay attention to throughout the year. Here are the stones I've written since I last posted them on January 9. For more information about this practice visit Fiona Robyn's website Writing Our Way Home. January 10 My young friend sat at the dining room table and looked through the book of her baby pictures I had made for her. She smiled, she chuckled, she complimented the rad style she had even then. I've known this girl since she was 18 months old. She is now 18. January 11 I'm at Putting a Face on Suicide again today, still wondering what goes through such beautiful young minds that tells them to kill themselves. These people are 14, 16, 19, 22 years old and have so much to live for. We must find a way to save these precious ones who should be so full of life. January … [Read more...]

My 2012 writing resolutions

It's time to get back to my writing life again. I know this list looks daunting but it's not much more than I've already been doing for the last six months or so. But I must say that writing this all down makes it seem more ambitious. Hopefully, this list will encourage my writing readers to join me. · Participate in the January River of Stones project notice something properly and write a small piece (stone) about it every day this month · Finish Doreen Cox' Adventures in Mother Sitting book and write a review · Read and comment on other writing blogs to get ready for a May blog tour promoting the release of the eBook and paperback editions of Leaving the Hall Light On · Write a thousand words a week on my novel · Write at least one poem a week use Robert E. Brewer's prompts at Poetry Asides as a jump start · Enter a poem into a contest or for publication at least once a month · Post a poem a week on my Facebook poetry group pages, Poetry Pact and Poets. Write … [Read more...]

NaSmaStoMo – Small stone month update

During the month of January 2011, I took the small stone challenge - noticing one thing properly every day and writing it down. And I'm pleased to say that one of my thirty-one small stones appears in the book: pay attention: a river of stones, edited by Fiona Robyn and Kaspalita. I have always thought I paid attention to the details around me, but with this challenge I looked particularly at what was going on in nature. I take regular walks to the beach and that was a perfect opportunity to pay attention. My small stone in the book is something a saw about the ocean one day. I've posted three links for you to buy either a paperback, hardback, or download edition of the book. I hope you will and that you like it. I can't wait to get mine and read the other 349 small stones in the book. The book also contains short prose pieces written by the editors, longer quotes by several small-stoners, and an appendix with lots of information about how to write small stones. You can … [Read more...]